Friday, 31 May 2013

Our stance against certain religions and immigrating people

Though crime may have decreased, lots of people do think there is more criminality than a few years ago. We can see that there is a lot of discrepantion in the ciphers and real feeling.

Statistics which have been made recently are based on extensive crime survey research and not police figures. though some people suggested that the national statistics must be masking concentrations of problems on deprived housing estates, where life gets ever more brutal. Yet others suggested conspiracies of data-fiddling or statistical jiggery-pokery.

When people walk on the streets of big cities they see more foreign faces and people who clearly show to be from an other culture. Perhaps this frightens them more than they nod to have fear. The unknown cultures frightens them off.
Many want to blame the migrants for  the crimes taking place in their environment. It does not help when youngsters of foreign origin are related to certain crimes which reach the news.

In a series on immigration Marcus Ampe tries to offer some insight on the attitude people take and the attitude people should take to come to a community where everybody can share the different things with each other.

Criminologists have documented extensive evidence of correlations, and some causal relationships, between fear of crime and negative psychological and physiological outcomes. It is commonly cited as a factor in the development of many mental health conditions. Other research invites caution. While people may report generalised anxiety about crime, they often struggle to recall many occasions when they have themselves felt fearful at the time. Of course, this could be explained by individuals adapting their lifestyles to avoid or avert situations they perceive as risky, and one of the most damaging effects of excessive fear may be on social capital – the benefits accrued by communities when neighbours meet in shared spaces, relate to each other and help and support each other.
Sceptics might suggest that the fear of crime has in itself helped to reduce actual levels of crime. If everyone lived behind reinforced shutters, only venturing out to drive a steel box from one locked garage to another, then of course there would be a reduction in crime. This is rather belied by data showing that family violence within the home is declining just as rapidly as stranger violence outside. It would appear that it is not just the opportunities to commit crime that are declining, but the motivation too.
Can anything be done to reduce fear of crime? It won't be easy. Psychology has taught us how cognitive biases skew our perceptions of risk. Neurologists explain that we have evolved physiological and emotional mechanisms to identify and avoid physical danger, which operate far more quickly and effectively than any conscious rationalisations. Newspaper editors and broadcasters have always known what sells their products and rule No 1 in the book is this: if it bleeds, it leads. Charities and campaigners have little incentive to report good news and progress made. Those who would stoke unease about immigration and community cohesion have always found fertile ground in fear of crime. Politicians realise there are very few votes to be won in calm reassurance that things are, in one respect at least, improving. The prevailing mood is always that the world is going to hell in a handcart, and woe betide any political candidate who suggests otherwise.
All in all, just about the only people who have nothing to gain from disproportionate anxiety are those who experience it. Acknowledging the truth may be difficult for some but the alternative is to live with needless stress and ill health, to wilfully accept a narrative that corrodes communities, degrades our society, and propagates racism, class prejudice and fear.

 Immigration graph

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We should all unite no matter of which origin, culture or religion and spread love and peace
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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Power of Bible Places in the Life of Christ

Ormskirk Fraternal 
Reconstruction of Golgotha and the Holy Sepulc...
Reconstruction of Golgotha and the Holy Sepulchre, Seen from the Walls of Herod's Palace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Date: Sat 1st June 2013 at 6:00 pm (God willing) Subject: The Power of Bible Places in the Life of Christ Speaker: Bro. Leen Ritmeyer (Cardiff, Museum Place) 3 Talks: 1) He shall be called a Nazarene (Matt 2) 2) He must needs go through Samaria (John 4:1-26) 3) A place called Golgotha (Matt 27:1-38) A collection will be taken for Meal-A-Day. A buffet tea will be served at 4.30pm. A video link to a creche will be available. Venue: Aughton Village Hall, Town Green, Ormskirk, L39 5DH
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Joint Europe CBM Open day on Sat 2nd Nov 2013

Date for your diaries and advance notice of the Joint Europe CBM Open day on Sat 2nd Nov 2013 D.V. at Coventry Grosvenor Road ecclesial hall.  A few changes this year:
1. The "€˜Open Day"€™ element will be for the morning only. It will be designed for those who are interested in finding out what mission work is about and will include thoughts on the experiences of younger Brethren in mission work.
2. We will have a crèche available all morning in the annexe to enable parents of young children to attend the presentations.
3. Panels displaying the work of the CBM in Europe will be available for viewing during the morning sessions and over lunch.
4. The afternoon will be for Area and Country team meetings but all who wish can stay for the team meetings to get a flavour of the practicalities of mission work.
Key times: 9.30am for tea/coffee with a 10.15am start, lunch/displays 12.45pm, 2.30pm team meetings, 4pm closing session and departure.
All are welcome
For further info contact either:
Bro. Simon Phillips (West Europe Area Secretary) on or Mike Lewis (East Europe Area Secretary) on
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Junior PHP / Drupal programmer at Christadelphian owned company

Attitude Design ( is a Nottingham based, UK Graphic Design company specialising in branding, print design, web design, new media design and marketing strategy. 

They are looking for a full time Junior PHP/ Drupal developer. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone looking to get into this field of work. 
The PHP logo displaying the Handel Gothic font.
The PHP logo displaying the Handel Gothic font. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Any relevant experience including use of CSS, Javascript, AJAX and MySQL will be useful but training can be provided. The ideal candidate for this position will have experience with PHP and HTML, be enthusiastic, professional and enjoy coding and problem solving. A Nottingham location isn'€™t essential as home working is an option, although it would be ideal if the candidate would be willing to travel to Nottingham on occasion and initially for training. This however can be discussed depending on the applicants situation. Wages - to be discussed (will be of entry level to begin). If you'€™re interested, please send an email to Matthew Davies ( with your CV and any examples of anything you might have worked on along the lines of the description above.
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New Video Resource Centre

New Video Resource Centre. 

For meeting the needs of very small ecclesia’s, those in isolation, and preaching.
The Rugby ecclesia have an extensive library of video material on their YouTube prophecy channel

This includes amongst others: Public presentations and Bible studies, Thoughts for the Day, Prophecy days, Bible in the news and Don Pearce'€™s Spotlights -Bible Prophecy in World news series. 

The technical quality is very high and ideal for preparing DVDs for all purposes including preaching.

Exhortations are also stored on YouTube, however, these are not made public, but access can be made available upon request. 

Given the production standards they are quite suitable for use in small ecclesia memorial meetings.

Please contact the under signed for further details.
Bro Art Courtonel ( On behalf of the Preaching group at Rugby UK)

Your Brother in Our Shared Hope
Stu Art Courtonel 
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School of the Prophets

The committee of the School of the Prophets would like to invite you to the School of the Prophets to be held 20 January - 26 January 2014 at the Australasian Christadelphian Bible School at Rathmines, on beautiful Lake Macquarie. Studies will be conducted by Bro Matthew Norton and Bro David Burke.

A huge amount of renovations have been done recently at the Bible School and many rooms now have ensuite facilities. For more details, visit the website at All booking details or inquiries can be sent to Bookings can be made by those 18 years and over. Cost of the week is $320 for students, and $350 for workers.

With love in Christ Jesus our Lord,
Bro David Olsen 
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Long term Fieldworkers/Volunteers Needed in Thailand

The work of spreading the life-giving gospel in Thailand shifted gears early in 2012 with the establishment of a Bible Education Centre in Chiang Mai, in the north. More than 30 brothers and sisters have worked at the BEC since start up and we are now in search of brothers and sisters, possibly a married couple, willing to make a longer-term commitment at the BEC. For those with an abiding interest in extending real hope to those without it, the work at the BEC is exciting, invigorating and rewarding. 
Street in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Street in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In Chiang Mai, itself, we have developed a small group of friends who are intent on learning the true gospel. In the near future we are expecting, God willing, further developments from one or more in this group. Outside of Chiang Mai, we have friends in a number of other centres within 3 to 6 hours by road from the BEC. In these other centres (visited in most cases multiple times by fieldworkers) we believe we have real and serious opportunities to bring life and light to places darkened by spiritual ignorance and idolatry. But we need helpers to reach out to our friends in these places and to teach and encourage them. (Visit the blog, for lots more information.) Chiang Mai is a comfortable and modern city with first class facilities and services. The BEC, located in a quiet neighborhood, is pleasant, well equipped and with plenty of space (4 bedrooms, study area and downstairs rooms for teaching). And Thailand, of course, is renowned for its tasty food.
English: Tuk-tuk used as a police vehicle. Pho...
Tuk-tuk used as a police vehicle. Photo taken at Tapae Gate during the Sunday Evening Walking Market in Chiang Mai,(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
If you may be able to help, please get in touch with us asap at With love in Christ, Terry Nutter 38 Wright Rd, STANMORE, Queensland, 4514, Australia +61 7 5496 1682 +61 408 549 616 Thailand Area Team ACBM (Asia-Pacific Christadelphian Bible Mission)
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