Monday, 23 September 2013

Bible Guidelines for a happy marriage

Bible Guidelines for a happy marriage by bro Jon Bilello.
Price 5.50 pounds + postage

Summary: The fairy tale romance is typically the story of a boy and a girl attracted to each other with magical passion, enduring some perverse trial that threatens to destroy them and painfully end their relationship, but they conquer all and go on to live happily ever after. Unfortunately in real life almost all the challenges begin after the fairy tale ends.
English: A Fairy Tale by Dorothy M.Wheeler
English: A Fairy Tale by Dorothy M.Wheeler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
No matter how hard we try there will always be potholes and bumps along the road in any relationship. But the mutual caring, love and emotional support of a husband or wife can make all the difference in whether or not we persevere. This book offers sound, proactive, biblical advice on how to build and maintain a happy marriage. Available now to order in the UK from Biblia Books. Order online at or by telephone 01270 569879 or email
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French language websites

French language websites

Over the past few months the 2 CBM French language websites have been reworked by Bro Matt Barton (Pershore ecclesia) and have now been launched. gives information about the Christadelphians and lists our various French language publications, including articles from the "Héraut du Royaume magazine" a quarterly magazine in French distributed around the world. gives details of our Bible reading programme and enables direct access to the readings in French.

We would like to further extend the publicising of these sites through the various social networks available, but we don'€™t currently have the expertise to do this. 
If anyone reading this has a good working knowledge of French and a technical competence to maximize the publicity development potential available and also upload new material onto the sites periodically, we would love to hear from you. 

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Tasmanian Bible School January 2014 course

Tasmanian Bible School will be held, God willing, in Launceston at the end of this year. It will start on 28 December this year and finish on 5 January in the new year.
Town Hall of Launceston
Town Hall of Launceston (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Our Tasmanian brothers and sisters would warmly welcome visitors to their Island and to their Bible School in December.
 For further information please contact the Bible School secretary, Bro Tim Herron at the following address.

Tim Herron, 377 Black Hill Road, Whitemore, Tasmania 7303, Australia
Phone: (03) 6397 3050    Email:
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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Chicago Ecclesia Study Day October 2013

Chicago Ecclesia Study Day (October 25-27, 2013)   

The Chicago Ecclesia would like to invite the brotherhood to an Adult Study Weekend being held in Camp Lake, Wisconsin.
 We are very grateful to have Brother John Pople speaking and the title of his study is "Solomon and Delilah".
Judgement of Solomon.jpg
 The dates are from Friday evening, October 25th thru Sunday Memorial Service on October 27th. We have available space for adults to attend, bur we do not have facilities or classes set up for children.

If you are interested, please contact Sister Sherry Johnson at 815-965-8999 or email at for further information and reservations. We would love to have you attend and share fellowship with us.

In the saving name of our Lord Jesus

Sister Sherry Johnson, Registrar    
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